Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There are times in life when we wished for mistakes to be undone. But sadly, some knots just cannot be untied.

There are moments in time when we wished for feelings to be healed. Yet it will be with regret that some cracks are too wide to be sealed.

There are memories we wish to forget, those of which were forced into our minds, forever scarring our innocence.

I want my life back, but tomorrow will never be the same as the time before I fell for his lies.

I am no more the same Jan. Outside, I will deny ever knowing the existence of this mirror of myself. But here, where the image of me lies in pain, I am still Jan.

He can make his claims, he will attempt to make his amends, or worse, tell stories that shall patronise my tiny voice of conscience. All is fine though, because I know I've bled because of him.

Tomorrow will always be in my plan.

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